About Us

De’Weiss is of German origin which defines “Pure white”. A premium German innovation that helps women around the world to regain their confidence by purifying their skin, by achieving the most surreal fairness and radiant skin. Our products have been specially developed and clinically formulated in our own laboratories to the highest German standards to achieve the highest possible result in achieving a pure and fair skin. All products have been dermatologically tested for skin sensitivity and is suitable for all skin range.

“I need high-quality beauty care products that are gentle but effective. When I use a product, I expect it to live up to its claims and deliver the results it promises. Sustainability is another of our key ethics, which is why all De’Weiss products are produced here in Germany, using environmentally friendly manufacturing technologies”, says Creative Director and co-founder De’Weiss.

The new De’Weiss brand offers top quality products that are suitable for even the most sensitive skin and scalp. Practical but beautiful, with instant and sustainable results – all developed by leading chemists and produced in Germany using environmentally friendly production methods. De’Weiss creates its own bespoke recipes, which are formulated together with real users, through a process of detailed social media communication and feedback.

What Can You Expect From De'Weiss

Premium base ingredients

We take a holistic approach to product formulation. Every step of the way, we select only the very best, most effective ingredients, from the basic carrier substances right through to the active extracts. We focus on the synergies of the entire formula, not just the actives. As a result, our holistic formulations will, for example, lock in moisture longer than many other hydrating products on the market.

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Premium-quality ingredients

Base formulas and potent actives Our sophisticated development process is based on working with the leading chemists, efficient and environmentally friendly production and payback through a packaging recycling scheme.

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Highly innovative formulas

We take our time when developing new product formulas and will launch a product only when we are completely satisfied that it is absolutely perfect. While many brands in the beauty industry offer standard recipes in standardized packaging, we pride ourselves on doing things differently! We carefully select every single ingredient, then develop the perfect packaging to ensure optimum delivery of the final product.

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Advanced testing

We test only on humans to guarantee a reliably honest product that is 100% cruelty-free. All of our products are also subjected to rigorous dermatological testing over at least twelve months at our in-house laboratory. Creative Director, De'Weiss, personally oversees this testing process.

Last but not least, the De’Weiss brand aims to empower women and to help them take a step closer to achieving work-life balance: De’Weiss products are both multifunctional and time-saving. The founders behind the brand are role models who prove that nothing is impossible with the right support network and mindset. You can have it all – family, a dream career as well as balanced glowing skin.