De'Weiss | Testimonial
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All women need to feel pretty. And De’weiss is a product that really helps me to regain my confidence after my skin allergy problem. This is really a product that deserved a top spot in every women dressing table.



Aura Miracle Masque is really powerful. After I apply it, instantly I can see result and I can feel my skin become smoother



-Joanne Tan-

IMG_4006 (Copy)
Aura Miracle Masque

Lepas pakai miracle mask, jerawat semakin kecil dan bekas jerawat pun semakin pudar.




To Be Frank, Amazing! The mask fit my face perfectly and unlike the other mask on the market, the mask cover all my nose, lip and eye perfectly.



-Eelin Lim-

Aura Cell-Recovery Serum

The Serum is really a miracle product. After using it, I can really feel that pores are getting less visible. My husband also commented that my skin look fresher and younger.


– Jessica Leong-

Having a sensitive skin really makes me wonder whether should I try new skin product but after much discussion and persuasion from Khe Sin, I decided to give it a try and there have been no turning back. Amazing result and really a 5 star products.


– Vierra Lim-


Forget about those cheap Korean mask that have been floating on the market, just use De’weiss mask and you will know the difference instantly. I rather spend more on this rather than those cheap knock-0ff mask!



– Natalie Lee –

This is THE cleanser that I have been looking for. It really suit my skin and works better than those more established brand in the market. Really effective and gentle to my skin.



– Yih Ning-

Aura-Hydro Aloe+ Cleanser

Terima Kasih De’weiss! Tanpa De’weiss, kulit I tak akan kelihatan begitu radiant dan licin. Just nice for my wedding!



– Nurain-

This is really a miracle mask as it works wonder on my skin. I feel more confident and younger since applying it.



– Kelly Woon-


Since applying Aqua Regenerist, I can feel that my skin is no longer that dry. I used to have dry skin problem but thanks to Aqua Regenerist, I am no longer facing this problem!


– Eva –